Is your companies data safe?

A companies data is often it’s most valuable asset, but do you have the right solution in place to make sure it’s protected?

Seagate have recently performed research into the data security and storage habits of companies in the UK. Their research found that over a fifth of SMBs (small and midsize businesses) are still storing company data on USB drives, posing a severe security risk, as well as making finding the required documents much more time consuming for their staff.

Most of their appeal lies in the fact that they are small, inexpensive and portable. However, it is these same characteristics that can be lethal to your companies security and data.

If you look at some of the more remarkable organisation and data hacks over the last few years, USB drives have been a contributing factor in many.

There are steps that you can take to protect the data you store on your USB drive:

  • Invest in an encrypted USB drive.
  • Although they are more expensive, they enable you to encrypt the data you store on it so should it get into the wrong hands your data is safe.

  • Keep another backup.
  • USB drives are primarily designed for transporting documents from one machine to another and like any hardware, they can break or get lost. Make sure you have a backup of the data stored on it so should the worse happen you haven’t lost everything.

  • USB drives can pose a high security risk to your company.
  • If you find a drive and don’t know where it’s come from, do not plug it into a computer as they can contain malicious software and, when plugged in to a networked machine, can spread malware across the whole company.

  • Don’t rely on USB drives as your companies’ main back-up solution.
  • The world of IT is rapidly changing – there are now much more secure and reliable ways to back up your companies’ data such as a Cloud backup solution.

    The concept of ‘The Cloud’ is a scary concept for many, however you’re probably more familiar with it than you realise. When you update your Facebook status, you’re using the cloud, checking your bank balance on your phone? You’re in the cloud again.

    You’re probably used to applications and programs being run on a physical computer or server, simply put, cloud computing is just the same but based on the internet.

    The same goes for Cloud backup, it does the same as an on-site backup solution but with a few added benefits:

    Instead of the initial outlay and annual running costs of a physical server, the cloud provides you with all the features but at a fraction of the cost and, you only pay for what you actually use.

    Even if your data is backed up regularly, if the backup is also stored onsite what happens if there is a fire, flood or theft?
    Keeping files backed up in the cloud ensures data is safe no matter what happens in your office.

    Cloud backup solutions have made ongoing management and restoration easy. With just a few clicks of the mouse, backed up files can be easily found and restored.

    Time is one of the most commonly stated reasons companies aren’t backing up their data. Once configured, Cloud backup doesn’t require any additional time commitment. Computer files are backed up to the cloud automatically and continuously, whenever you’re connected to the Internet.

    With around 15% of UK businesses suffering from a data breach or cyberattack we strongly recommend that all businesses should be investing in a Disaster Recovery (DR) Plan. it is also imperative you have a robust back-up solution in place – should the worst happen.

    Here at Boldmere Computers we can come out and visit you on site and perform a free audit of your current set-up.

    Advising you on possible breaches in your companies IT security we can help to ensure your business and its data is protected.

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