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Office 365 is Microsoft’s state of the art IT environment, a cloud-based service which gives you access to Office applications allowing collaboration and smarter working in your organisation.

We understand that the Cloud may be a scary concept for many but really it’s quite straightforward!
Simply put, it is a hosted environment which you connect to, rather than having everything stored on your individual workstation or internal Server. Ultimately, it’s a cheaper alternative to an in-house Server as you can eradicate the running costs, repairs and on-going maintenance, and the Microsoft Trust Centre ensures your data is in safe hands at all times.

Sounds great! So why is there this high level of resistance to change?

Many businesses presume their current practices are good enough, staff are familiar with the software and procedures so why change?
Sadly, lots of companies are using outdated technology which underpins their work and business processes, despite new platforms and solutions which have been designed with smarter, more efficient working at the forefront of their development.

Office 365 is drastically changing the way that businesses work, whatever their size or staff levels and migrating really isn’t as complicated as you may think with Boldmere Computers here to guide you through the whole process.


With Office 365 you pay for what you need, as and when you need it. When your organisation employs 5 new members of staff you simply increase your subscription to add the extra licences required and the same goes when someone leaves.


The workplace is rapidly unshackling workers from their desks and the standard 9-5 workday. Working practices are becoming more and more flexible, with over 12% more Brits now working remotely from home in the last 4 years. With Office 365 your workplace can be as flexible as you want!

Your employees can easily and securely access company data from anywhere, vastly increasing productivity and staff moral (they won’t be wasting company time waiting for VPN connections or documents to download from your internal server).
Mobiles, tablets and laptops can all connect to your companies data, backed by a solid and comprehensive security platform.

All the favourites of previous versions of Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, OneDrive and Access with a few extras….

Taking your business to new levels with features such as Skype for Business. Allowing your team to have meetings, share screens and have audio or video conferences wherever they are.

OneDrive for business is the data storage side of 365 and allows users to store and sync files, documents and images between their laptops, PCs, tablets and mobile devices.
Meeting ISO 27001 security standards, you can rest assured that your data is safe and you’ll never have the headache of buying a new hard drive for storage space.

SharePoint is similar to an internal intranet or hub for your employees to log into.
Team members will securely sign into branded company pages that can feature company news, announcements, anything you want everyone to be able to see.
Different sites can be configured for different teams, allowing employees to easily and securely navigate and access the documents they need.

We love OneNote here at Boldmere Computers, for the simple reason that it is so flexible and can easily adjust to how you want to work.
With the ability to create multiple notebooks with pages and subpages. Attach documents, links, images, record audio and video, as well as the capability to share notebooks with colleagues.
Like with other tools in Office 365, OneNote is available across devices, so you can make a note on your phone on your train journey into work and it will already be there on your machine before you are!

Office 365 consists of continuous updates from Microsoft so once you’ve moved over, you won’t have to migrate your data again!
All software upgrades and security patches are automatically delivered to your devices and are covered by your monthly/annual subscription costs.


Office 365 is a highly effective, relatively cheap collaboration solution for your business.

Of course, the initial transition may require a bit of work and staff will have to get used to the new way of working (which, the chances are, if you already use a Microsoft suite of some kind shouldn’t be too much of an upheaval), but once you’ve made the move we are confident that you’ll be wondering how you ever coped beforehand!

See you in the Cloud!

For more information or details on how we can help move your business over to Office 365, just give us a call on 0121 355 4474.

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